PDS  adapter cable

Adapter cable for Programmable Digital Sensor Modules

» Posted on 25. May 2013

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PDS – to – BSLcomLink / Serial Cable




This cable adapts the PDS module M12 A-coded Sensor connector, series 713 from BINDER with the part number 09-0381-274-08 to the serial port of a PC / Host with a 9 pin Sub-D (or DB9) male connector.

This cable can be used to connect any PDS module directly to the serial port of a PC / Host and acts as a Null-Modem cable. Same cable can also be used to connect any PDS module over the BSLcomLink Adapter to the USB port of a PC / Host.

The firmware of a PDS module can be upgraded / updated using this cable together with the BSLcomLink module.



Pin# M12-connector Description DB9-Connector Pin#
1 NC Not connected
2 NC Not connected
3 +5V (in) +5V power from USB host Vbus 1
4 TxD (out) M12 data transmit line to DB9  RxD (in) 2
5 BSLprg (in) boot-strap-loader signal nRTS (out) 7
6 RxD (in) M12 data receive from DB9 TxD (out) 3
7 Reset (in) Reset signal from DB9 to M12 nDTR (out) 4
8 GND Ground GND 5
Not connected NC 6
Not connected NC 8
Not connected NC 9

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