PDS-BPW21 – Sensor

BPW21 as Programmable Digital Sensor with RS232 Interface

» Posted on 2. Jul 2013

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PDS-BPW21 Sensor Module


The M12 Sensor Module PDS-BPW21 is the combination of an ACU2 and a BPW21 silicon photodiode sensor. The Programmable Digital Sensor (PDS) conditions and calibrates the analog BPW21 sensor signal and provides the result as a digital value over a RS232 link to remote systems. The Module can store up to 500.000 records, each containing a sensor value, a time stamp and the temperature at sampling time. It is equipped with a flat glass and a built in color correction filter, giving an approximation to the spectral response of the human eye. The module is suitable to act as an exposure meter for daylight and artificial light or for artificial light of high color temperature in photographic fields and color analysis.


PDS-BPW21 Related Information and Links

Module Characteristics




Operation Mode

The figure below shows the two common operation modes of a photo-diode detector. The PDS-BPW21 is configured in Photo-Voltaic mode. Although this mode doesn’t have fast response times, it tends to exhibit less electronic noise, allowing to make precise measurements with the PDS-BPW21 module. The blue line shows where the load resistor (RL) is configured in the electronic of the module.




Detector Characteristics

Figure left: Relative spectral sensitivity
Figure right: Photo-current / Open-Circuit voltage
Figure below: Directional Characteristics



















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