EMU1node – introduction

Energy Management Unit - single phase - type one node with metering interface

» Posted on 21. Dec 2011

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EMU1node (Energy Management Unit, Type 1 node) is a stand-alone device designed to be used for controlling and monitoring of any load up to 2500W (~12 Amp) on 110V/220V power line. The basic features of EMU1node are:

  1. Remote control via iPhone/iPad (the host)
  2. Switching AC-power (ON/OFF)
  3. Featured controls like dimming or timer/alarm capabilities
  4. Electronic fuse triggered by currents or voltage
  5. Power meter and usage logger

The development is based on using an iPhone/iPad as a remote control, but other host systems with Bluetooth access can also be used. EMU1node module offers functions needed to build up a small infrastructure for local energy management. The module controls a load based on configured data via host and may be used in parallel to the normal installed controlling facilities. Is the host unavailable, configured algorithms in the module will handle upcoming events. Events are logged in the module together with power metering data. As soon as the host application (iPhone) is present again, the data will be transmitted to the host.


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