ComLink - software

A member of AMOS tool chain on windows platform

» Posted on 26. Jun 2013

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ComLink – Software Tool

ComLink is a windows application specially designed for communicating with AMOS based devices in single or chained modes. The Software is divided into 3 levels to better match customer needs. It supports many features like verbose and transparent packets or being a gateway to the WAN database.




In unregistered mode the software supports only few basic functions and all other features are disabled. In registered mode, based on which level is purchased, different features are available. For registering and enabling features of ComLink software, the PC which runs the ComLink software must have access to internet to receive activation keys.


  • Text mode Terminal for sending commands and receiving messages (Verbose)
  • Showing transmitted data as HEX values (Verbose-Hex)
  • Different colors for sending, receiving and error strings
  • Serial COM port based communication with the hardware
  • Matching color and line numbers in Verbose and Verbose-Hex displays
  • Dynamic enumeration of available real and virtual COM ports
  • Easy handling of communication ports and their settings
  • Extracting data out of received message strings by masking characters
  • Gateway to a WAN DB for extracted data out of received message strings

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