BSLcomLink adapter

Boot-Strap-Loader (programmer) and RS232-USB converter

» Posted on 24. May 2013

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BSLcomLink Adapter



The BSLcomLink Adapter realizes 3 functions in one:

  • USB to Serial (RS-232) adapter
  • BSL programmer for ACUx modules (using BSLcomLight software)
  • Providing ACUx modules with +5V power (sourced over USB host device)

Data transfer rates of  up to 1 Mbps can be achieved by this adapter between an USB-host and an ACUx module. The used FTDI / FT232RL chip set makes the driver installation easy and guarantees the adapter to be compliant with USB 2.0 standards.

When using this module together with the BSLcomLight software and the PDS – to – BSLcomLink / Serial Cable, the firmware of a connected PDS module can be updated/upgraded. The adapter has the needed BSL signals integrated to reprogram the firmware using boot-strap-loader algorithm.

At the same time this adapter forwards the Vbus power from the USB interface towards the connected ACUx module providing needed power to the ACUx to work. Due to USB limitations, the maximum current, which can be provided to a number of connected ACUx modules should not exceed 400mA.

Driver Installation

The driver will install automatically when you plugin the adapter into your computer. If not, you can download and install the driver from here: BSLcomLink Driver Installation Package.


Pin Description


 BSLcomLink_adapter_3 Pin# Signal Name   Description
1 +5V   Power Supply Output:
U=+5V ±10%
2 Rxd   RS-232 serial input: Receive line
3 TxD   RS-232 serial output: Transmit line
4 Reset   RS-232 level output: Reset signal to ACUx
5 GND   Power and signal ground
6 NC   Not connected
7 BSLprg   RS-232 level output: BSLprg signal to ACUx
8 NC   Not connected
9 NC   Not connected

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