We are all aware that software revolution has been shaping the information and communication technologies and will continue to do so. However, we at Ansari also believe that technology is rapidly evolving at all levels including hardware.

Our experience and expertise as a leading hardware prototype design house having done hundreds of prototypes for major electronic firms in Germany and the US, has led us to believe that hardware design can also be solution driven as software has been.

With this insight and expertise our aim is to provide designers, engineers and technicians in the industry the capability to incorporate state of the art modules that are designed with the highest standard into their design and systems.

We will be putting our different and unique hardware modules in this site for you to review, evaluate and purchase if you like.  We also would welcome the opportunity to build your specific hardware modules or systems.


Our aim is to have the variety and quality of hardware modules at a level, that brings you back frequently on our web pages as a source for your ideas.


Ansari 2012